Sunday, April 10, 2011

my review of george and martha

last night i went to the opening night of george and martha at the imagination stage.
I would rate this play a 5 out of 5.
There were only 5 actors in this play but they each played 2 parts.
My favorite person played Pig. She was so funny and she had a funny musical instrument. I even got to take my picture with her after the show.
During the show they sang lots of songs. The songs fit into the show and I am still singing some of them today.
I am in First Grade and I loved it. I went with two 4th graders and they loved it to.
I think this show is good for any kid.
It was opening night and I got to go behind the scenes. wow. it was amazing. My favorite thing I saw was the control room. I want to use the computers in the control room one day. These computers control all the sounds in the show. They also control the lights.
I think you should all go see this show soon.

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