Monday, April 11, 2011

whole foods pre opening blog tour

i got to visit the new whole foods in rockville tonight

it is so so so cool!!!
i will tell you a few thing tonight but my mom says i need to go to bed so i will finish tomorrow.

there is coffee that looks so good it is 70$ per lb
these are gelati popsicles. i am buying one tomorrow.

there are so many beautiful flowers in the store.
arent these pretty.

dont these tomatoes look delicious

dont you want to take a bite?
i love how the bananas are hanging and they look so pretty.

you can choose grains to buy or grind up. these will make great ingredients.

look at the ecofriendly doors for the milks, cool huh? I did not open one but I wanted to

the pasta bar looked so good. marinara is my favorite.

look at this fruit cake, it looks so yummy

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  1. Hi, it was so nice to meet you at Whole Foods on Monday evening. I showed your blog to all the second grade teachers at my school (Wayside Elementary) and they were SO impressed! You take great pictures and your writing is terrific! Keep up the good work!! -Mrs. Monica (