Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Judy Moody and the not bummer summer movie kids review

I saw the movie judy moody and the not bummer summer this weekend. I thought it was very good and very funny. Two parts of this movie were on icarly episodes. There was a whole episode about Bigfoot and some of the scenes were very familiar. I love icarly and I really liked this movie. too. This movie is perfect for kids my age. It was not scary at all, it was very funny and it was not too long. I have seen many 3d movies lately and I kind o f missed the 3d effects in this movie. Bigfoot would have been really cool in 3d! So go see this movie if you are a boy or a girl around 7 yearOld.My favorite character was judys aunt. She was hilarious. She did so many crazy funny things. The other character I liked was stink, judys brother. He believed in Bigfoot and got Judy to believe in him a piece of it http://Monkeyitouchman.blogspot.com