Thursday, August 25, 2011

A cool idea and website

Hi everyone!  Have you or your parents ever heard of jasmere
I got to meet some very cool people yesterday. My mom loves to find a good deal online. Each day on there is a new deal of the day that posts at 12 noon. I love to see each new deal but this site is different from all others. Each person who buys it helps to lower the price! So, the more people who buy it the less everyone pays. I know, this is such a cool idea.
Yesterday I got to meet Jeremy Katrina and andy, the owners of jasmere and I also got to meet their kids. It was fun!
Today's deal is a really cool one. School starts next week and the crispy green fruit snacks would be great in my lunch. We have tried the apple, strawberry, banana and I love them all. We are buying the cantaloupe today. What flavor will you buy???  Lets all buy some so we have healthy snacks and we can all pay less money.

So cool to meet you all.